The Real Art of Drinking Cocktail Collection Vol II
The Real Art of Drinking Cocktail Collection Vol II

The Real Art of Drinking Cocktail Collection Vol II

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Have a sip of adventure from our signature menu. Let your taste in art extend to your drink. It's time to meet Volume II of The Real Art of Drinking. 

Explore the swirls and complex layers of flavours and ingredients coming together like brush strokes to form cohesive cocktails. 

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This set comes in a sleek gift box with 5 ready-to-drink bottles (100ml each).


Imbued with a sense of serenity, the perfect harmony of botanical and floral notes.

Havana Club 3 Rum | Jasmine Verte | Acid | Sugar 


A herbaceous & bittersweet mix inspired by afternoon teatime.  

Monkey 47 Gin | Vermouth | Coffee Fernet | Luxardo Cherry | Orange Bitters | Angostura  


Fire up your night with this floral and peppery mix which appreciates the arduous art of hand-crafting lion dance heads. 

Osmanthus Sencha infused with Brass Lion Gin | Hawthorn infused Vermouth | Ancho Verde | Olorroso Sherry | Luxardo Maraschino | Orange Bitters 

This vibrant tipple is filled with complexities, brought about by its strong yet aromatic profile.  

Rémy Martin 1738 | Campari | Martini Vermouth Rosso | Pandan | Coconut Oil | Saline 


Slightly sweet yet rich. Drink to peace and find harmony in this complex world.  

Michter’s Bourbon | Cynar | Lillet Blanc | Aperol | Butterscotch Chocolate | Sugar | Angostura 


Serve chilled or over ice. No garnish needed.

500ml (serves 5)

Keep chilled after opening. Good for one year.